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Metaphysical meaning of Meunim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Meunim (mbd)
Meunim (in A.V., I Chronicles 4:41, habitations; in II Chronicles 26:7 Mehunims; in Ezra 2:50, Mehunim), me-u'-nim (Heb.)--habitations; dwellings; homes; retreats; asylums; refuges; lairs; dens.

A people who were enemies of the Israelites; the Lord helped Uzziah, king of Judah, against them (II Chron. 26:7). "The children of Meunim" who were among the returned Nethinim are believed to have been descendants of some of these people who were overcome by the Israelites (see I Chronicles 4:41 and Ezra 2:50).

Meta. An abiding place (habitations, dwellings) of substance and life in consciousness. This substance and life have been expressing on the animal plane, but are laid hold of by the higher and more spiritual thoughts and activities of the consciousness (Israelites) and are consecrated to the Lord, and thus are raised to higher expression and service.

The lifting up of this phase of seemingly material substance and life that the Meunim signify is revealed in the history of the Meunim as given in the Bible. They lived in a rich pasture country. They were conquered by the Simeonites (Simeonites refer to the seeing or perceiving faculty of mind), who destroyed them and dwelt in their country, making use of their pastures and flocks (see I Chron. 4:24-41). The margin, verse 41, says, "devoted them" in place of "destroyed them" as stated in the text. Then in the writings of Ezra and Nehemiah we find that later the descendants of these Meunim were serving as Nethinim in the Temple.

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