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Metaphysical meaning of Mered (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Mered (mbd)
Mered, me'-red (Heb.)--falling away; falling away from allegiance; rebellion; disobedient; perverse; rebellious; going down; cast down; subdued; descended.

Son of Ezrah, in the genealogy of Judah (I Chron. 4:17).

Meta. Mered is closely associated with a high, exalted phase of consciousness in man, as is signified by his father Ezrah and his brothers Jalon, Jether, and Epher; also by the fact that he was an Israelite, of the tribe of Judah. But the definitions of the name that denote falling away from allegiance, rebellious, perverse, show that the adverse mind (Satan) has a foothold in the thought that Mered signifies. The adverse, rebellious phase of thought has not yet been fully cast out of the Judah, or the praise-and-prayer, life consciousness at this stage of the unfoldment of the individual. It seems that as the consciousness of man is lifted up the Adversary comes up with it. The Adversary will continue to express in higher and more deceptive ways until he shall finally be cast out of heaven entirely, and also out of the earth, heaven referring in a general way to the mind of man and the earth to his body. (See Rev. 12:7-10.)

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