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Metaphysical meaning of Mercury (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Mercury (mbd)
Mercury (A.V., Mercurius), mer'-cury (Lat.)--Latin name for Hermes; swift messenger; reciprocal activity; commerce; trade; eloquence; oratory; interpretation.

A name given to Paul in Lycaonia. Mercury was worshiped by the Greeks and Romans as the god of eloquence. The people of Lycaonia thought that the gods had come down to them in the persons of Paul and Barnabas. They called Paul Mercury because he was the chief speaker (Acts 14:12).

Meta. Worship of the intellect; the intellect in man attaining knowledge (interpretation, oratory, eloquence) from the outer material world and worshipping at this shrine instead of understanding that omnipresent Spirit is back of the manifest world, even of the stars, which represent remote and little understood ideas and powers. Spirit is the one source of all; therefore all homage, reverence, praise, honor, and worship should be given to God--Divine Mind, Spirit, Principle, Truth.

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