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Metaphysical meaning of Epher (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Epher (mbd)
Epher, e'-pher (Heb.)--light; quick; ethereal; young hart; gazelle; young deer; young calf.

a Son of Midian who was Abraham's son by Keturah (Gen. 25:4). b A descendant of Caleb's (I Chron. 4:17). c A chief man of Manasseh (I Chron. 5:24).

Meta. Thoughts on the animal plane of consciousness in man that are active, yet young and inexperienced (young hart, young deer, young calf). By partaking of understanding (Manasseh), and by being guided and impelled by enthusiasm, fearlessness, and faithfulness to principle (Caleb), that which Epher signifies becomes more and more enlightened, swift, active, spiritual (light, quick, ethereal), and effective for good in its work in the organism.

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