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Metaphysical meaning of Satan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Satan (mbd)
Satan, sa'-tan (Heb.)--lier in wait; an adversary; an enemy; hater; accuser; opposer; contradictor.

The same as the Devil, the Adversary, the Evil One, and the like (Job. 1:6-12; Matt. 4:10).

Meta. The deceiving phase of mind in man that has fixed ideas in opposition to Truth (adversary, lier in wait, accuser, opposer, hater, an enemy). Satan assumes various forms in man's consciousness, among which may be mentioned egotism, a puffing up of the personality; and the opposite of this, self-deprecation, which admits the "accuser" into the consciousness. This "accuser" makes man believe that he is inherently evil.

Satan is the "Devil," a state of mind formed by man's personal ideas of his power and completeness and sufficiency apart from God. Besides at times puffing up the personality, this satanic thought often turns about and, after having tempted one to do evil, discourages the soul by accusing it of sin. Summed up, it is the state of mind in man that believes in its own sufficiency independent of its creative Source.

Rebellion against God under hard experiences is another form of this "hater." The personality that disbelieves in God and acknowledges no law save that of man is satanic.

When the seventy returned, saying, "Lord, even the demons are subject unto us in thy name," Jesus said, "I beheld Satan fallen as lightning from heaven" (Luke 10:17, 18).

Heaven is conscious harmony. When this harmony is invaded by a thought adverse to the divine law, there is Satan, and "war in heaven." When the Christ declares the Truth, error thought falls away; that is, Satan falls from heaven as lightning.

Lightning is a force that gathers and explodes and wastes its energy because it is not in harmony with the universal equilibrium. This well illustrates the mind that believes itself an independent and unrelated creation. When this kind of thought is allowed full sway in a man's consciousness, he becomes so egotistical and self-opinionated that he destroys himself. Thus error is its own destruction.

The Greek word that is translated "devil" in Luke 4:1-13 means accuser or the critical one. Personality describes the meaning more fully than any other word in the English language.

Saul, saul (Heb.) asked for; desired; demanded; wished.

a A Benjamite, son of Kish. He was the first king of Israel (I Sam. 9:2). b The former name of Paul (Acts 9:118).

Meta. The action of the will in attaining that which it desires.

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