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Metaphysical meaning of Machpelah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Machpelah (mbd)
Machpelah, mach-pe'-lah (Heb.)--double (cave); equally divided; double; twofold; manifold; folding; winding; spiral form; portion; part.

A field, "before Mamre (the same is Hebron)," that Abraham bought from Ephron of the children of Heth. Abraham buried Sarah in a cave in this field; later he, Isaac, Rebekah, Leah, and Jacob were buried there (Gen. 23:19; 25:9; 49:29-50:13).

Meta. Subconscious body substance (a field, in which there was a cave). Abraham and the others who were buried in this cave represent higher awakening thought activities in us. When these thoughts have done their work in the conscious realm of our mind, for the time being they give way to other succeeding activities of the mind, while they sink back into the subconsciousness. There they take deep root in substance and continue their work, which is not apparent to the outer, conscious, thinking phase of mind. They work out into the body consciousness, thus aiding in raising the whole organism to a higher plane of expression.

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