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Metaphysical meaning of Ephron (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ephron (mbd)
Ephron, e'-phron (Heb.)--fawnlike; gazellelike; quick; volatile; spirited.

a Son of Zohar, of the children of Heth, from whom Abraham bought the cave of Machpelah to bury Sarah in (Gen. 23:8). b A range of hills on the northern border of Judah, in Canaan (Josh. 15:9).

Meta. A phase of thought that is very impulsive, light, airy, and quick to change its thinking base (gazellelike, quick, volatile, spirited). When going through an inner experience wherein some much cherished soul quality or phase of thought that has finished its work for the time being must be released from consciousness, one may have a tendency to grieve and to hold to the good that seems to be becoming inactive in one's life. Then the thought activity that Ephron signifies comes to one's rescue. It aids one in making the necessary change and in letting go of the old. (Sarah died in Hebron, and it was in Hebron that Abraham bargained with Ephron for the cave of Machpelah in which to bury Sarah. Hebron signifies the front brain or seat of conscious thought; also a certain association or alliance of thought.) Abraham suggests the awakening of man's mind to higher ideals, and hills also signify high places in consciousness--lofty thoughts and ideals.

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