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Metaphysical meaning of Machnadebai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Machnadebai (mbd)
Machnadebai, mach-na-de'-bai (Heb.)--gift of the noble; what is like the liberal?; what is like the spontaneous gift of Jehovah?

An Israelite named as one "of the sons of Bani"; he had taken a foreign wife, but put her away at the command of Ezra (Ezra 10:40).

Meta. The consciousness beginning to awaken to a perception of the liberality and nobility of Spirit; to the broadmindedness, generosity, bigness, and splendidness of spiritual understanding and Truth.

When man first begins to throw off the narrow restrictions and prejudices of the personal, he is liable to go to the other extreme and make a union with sense desires (Machnadebai married a foreign wife). But if he really has hold of Truth he willingly relinquishes all error desires, that he may make the greatest of all attainments--the putting on of the Christ. (Machnadebai gave up his foreign wife at the command of Ezra.)

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