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Metaphysical meaning of Mamre (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Mamre (mbd)
Mamre, mam'-re (Heb.)--fully assimilated; well-fed; abundantly supplied; fatness; firmness; virility; vigor; strength.

Abram "dwelt by the oaks of Mamre which are in Hebron" (Gen. 13:18). Mamre also seems to have been the name of an Amorite, who with two of his brothers was "confederate with Abram" (Gen. 14:13, 24; see also Gen. 23:17-19; 25:9; 35:27; 49:30; 50:13).

Meta. Mamre means firmness, vigor, strength; Hebron (a community, alliance, company, friendship) refers to the front brain, the seat of conscious thought.

The lesson here is that faith in God (suggested by Abram) brings about the right relation among all the associated faculties, and withal an enduring firmness, vigor, and strength. Fatness, abundantly supplied, well-fed, definitions of Mamre, signify a consciousness of substance and riches also. The qualities that Mamre represents are not of the highest spiritual consciousness, or Christ mind, but they belong more to the spiritually awakening intellect of the individual.

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