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Metaphysical meaning of Lud (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Lud (mbd)
Lud, lud (Heb.)--desire to bring forth- generative power; conception; pregnancy; travail; striving; emanating; bringing forth; creation; nativity; birth.

Son of Shem, and grandson of Noah (Gen. 10:22; see also Isaiah 66:19 and Ezekiel 27:10). Lud is thought to have founded the kingdom of Lydia in Asia Minor; from him the Lydians get their name.

Meta. Shem is the son of Noah, who typifies the spiritual in man. Lud, son of Shem, is the beginning of man's concept of the truth that he is the offspring of God; that he came from Spirit instead of flesh (nativity). Thus a desire to bring forth on a higher plane is aroused within him. Because of his seemingly very material state, however, much travail of soul attends his efforts to bring to birth the higher ideals that have been conceived in him. In his first attempts to establish his higher, religious ideals he may strive and contend in a very material way. Later he learns the way of love and peace, and attains truer success.

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