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Metaphysical meaning of Ludim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ludim (mbd)
Ludim (in A. V., Jer. 46:9, Lydians), la'-dim (Heb.)--travails; strivings; physical generation; conception; pregnancies; nativity; physical birth; childbirth.

a Son of Mizraim, of the sons of Ham. b A people who were descended from Ludim (Gen. 10:13). The Ludim should not be identified with the Lydians, who were descended from Lud the son of Shem.

Meta. Man's material beliefs regarding his origination and the continuation of the race; also the expression of these beliefs. Such thoughts belong to the outer, mortal consciousness. (Ludim was a grandson of Ham, and Ham, one of Noah's three sons, signifies the physical in man.)

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