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Metaphysical meaning of Jahaziel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jahaziel (mbd)
Jahaziel, ja-ha'-zi-el (Heb.)--whom God beholds; beholden of God; revelation of God; vision of God.

a A Benjamite warrior who deserted Saul and came to David at Ziklag (I Chron. 12:4). b A priest who blew the trumpet before the Ark when David was having the Ark brought back to Jerusalem (I Chron. 16:6). c A Levite, descended from Kohath, through Moses (I Chron. 2S:19). d A Levite, a descendant of Asaph, through whom the Spirit of Jehovah assured Jehoshaphat and the children of Judah that the battle that they were due to fight with the Ammonites and the multitudes from Syria was not theirs but the Lord's and that the Lord would defeat their enemies for them (II Chron. 20:14-30). e A man named Jahaziel is mentioned in Ezra 8:5. His son, with three hundred other men, returned from the Babylonian captivity with Ezra.

Meta. True spiritual inspiration and understanding; spiritual vision; a clear insight into Truth, into the things of God, the things that are eternal. This understanding is needed by man in every avenue of his being, in every faculty and power. It comes to him when he makes the securing of this highest understanding the most vital thing in his life, when he gives his most earnest attention to Spirit. Proverbs 3:13-18 reveals the value of understanding and the earnestness with which it should be sought. The 15th verse reads:"She is more precious than rubies:And none of the things thou canst desire are to be compared unto her."

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