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Metaphysical meaning of Asaph (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Asaph (mbd)
Asaph, a'-saph (Heb.)--collector; gatherer; harvester; assembler.

The name of several Israelitish men. Most of them were men of note; some were Levites (I Chron. 9:15; 26:1; Neh. 2:8); one of them was the man whom David and Solomon appointed to oversee the song services in the Temple worship (I Chron. 6:39; Psalms 50 and 73 to 83 are attributed to him); another was a recorder in Hezekiah's reign (II Kings 18:18).

Meta. The Asaph who had charge of the song services in the Temple worship represents the gathering together (collector, gatherer, assembler) of the thoughts and forces of man through his concentrating in I AM, the spiritual center and true directive power, thus establishing harmony and all the healing, rejoicing, uplifting elements of constructive music.

Asaph the recorder refers to the memory, or subjective consciousness, wherein all the records of past thought processes and experiences are assembled and kept.

The other men named Asaph represent the gathering together of the thoughts and forces for harmonizing and upbuilding purposes.

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