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Metaphysical meaning of Imna (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Imna (mbd)
Imna, im'-nå (Heb.)--He (God) will restrain; He will withhold; He will keep back.

Son of Helem, an Asherite (I Chron. 7:35)

Meta. The belief, which seems to be firmly fixed in our old established religious thoughts, that our good is withheld from us by God. When a person who is under the old thought experiences lack, instead of knowing that he needs to strengthen himself in the Truth and to change some of his ideas he immediately feels that his prosperity is being kept from him for some reason known only to "a wise Providence." If he realizes joy and good he is always holding thoughts of limitation regarding them. The fact is, of course, that there is no limit to the goodness and fullness of God that should be expressed and manifested in the lives and affairs of men. By his limited thoughts and beliefs, man invokes the only limiting influences that there really are in his world at any time to bar his spiritual unfoldment. Every good that man can possibly think of and desire is his as he understands Truth and is obedient to the laws of Being.

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