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Metaphysical meaning of Idumaea (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Idumaea (mbd)
Idumaea, id-u-mæ'-å (Gk. fr. Heb.)--territory of Edom.

The Greek name for Edom, Idumæa is the land of Edom (Mark 3:8). In the American Standard Version, Edom is given instead of Idumæa, in most places.

Meta. See EDOM.

Igal (in A. V., I Chronicles 3:22, Igeal), I'-gal (Heb.)--He (God) will redeem; He will ransom; deliverer; avenger; God will avenge.

a Son of Joseph, of the tribe of Issachar, one of the twelve spies (Num. 13:7). b A son of Nathan of Zobah, one of David's mighty men (II Sam. 23:36). A descendant of David and Solomon (I Chron. 3:22).

Meta. An awakening of man to the thought of his full deliverance from sin and its results, through the power of Spirit (He will redeem, deliverer), but with belief in God as a God of wrath and vengeance. In believing that wrath and vengeance belong to God and are necessary at times, one gives power to evil as well as to good. This belief weakens one's faith in the truth that his full redemption can take place now; it causes one to hesitate about going up boldly to possess the Promised Land. (Igal was one of the spies who discouraged the Israelites from going over into Canaan. He was one of those who did not think that the Israelites were strong enough at that time to drive out the inhabitants of Canaan, and so the Israelites wandered about in the wilderness for forty years when it was not at all necessary. There are many people today who are doing likewise. They expect to attain to the full lifting up of their whole being into spiritual perfection and life, but they do not think they can do it now. They put it off until some future incarnation. Their belief in the power of evil is still too strong for them to undertake the putting away of materiality.)

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