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Metaphysical meaning of Nathan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nathan (mbd)
Nathan, na'-than (Heb.)--reaching out the hand; giver; gift; given; give up; yield; grant grace; grant reward; instruct; requite.

a A prophet during David's reign (II Sam. 7:2-17). b A son of David (II Sam 5:14). c Other men (II Sam. 23:36; I Kings 4:5; Ezra 8:16; 10:39).

Meta. Spiritual power and understanding in and back of words of Truth.

Nathan the prophet and Zadok the priest (I Kings 1:34, 38) are representatives of the spiritual kingdom. Solomon (peace and wisdom) is to be king in our heart, and we mentally anoint him in the name of the Lord. If we declare our word of authority without considering its spiritual relation in our thought, it will lack certain elements of stability and Truth, and instead of being related to the one inner Source it will be associated with some of the many man-made thought atmospheres; thus the spiritual qualities of power, foresight, understanding, and true Christ righteousness that Nathan and Zadok represent must be present and active in our true words, that those words may be alive and pregnant with success and all good.

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