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Metaphysical meaning of Iconium (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Iconium (mbd)
Iconium, i-co'-ni-um (Gk.)--image-like; likeness; likely; yielding; retiring; giving away; breast of sheep.

A city of Lycaonia, in Asia Minor. Paul and Barnabas taught there for some time, and then had to flee to other cities because of the persecutions that were stirred up by the unbelieving Jews (Acts 14:1), though a great multitude of both Jews and Greeks in this city believed.

Meta. A group of thoughts of an imaging and receptive (tending to negativeness) character, in the emotional nature. (Lycaonia, meaning wolfland, she-wolf, represents the emotional nature swayed by the undisciplined, devouring, unredeemed thoughts of the animal man. See LYCAONIA.) In this group of thoughts, Iconium, the true light is beginning to break. While it is of the natural animal affections and emotions (breast of sheep), and is open to both good and error, it is coming gradually into its true Christ light and dominion, despite the apparent commotion that still takes place there at times.

We should watch our emotional nature. We should not think that the spiritual uplift that comes to us, and the great demonstrations that we make through divine power, are miraculous; if we do we are likely to be carried away with feeling and with appearances instead of remaining in conscious oneness with the Spirit of truth, with divine understanding. We should see that only the good and the true--that which is wise and reasonable from the standpoint of Spirit--are impressed upon this emotional nature of ours. Stability and poise of soul must be cultivated, that we may not be unduly influenced by every wave of thought that sweeps through our consciousness.

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