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Metaphysical meaning of Herodias (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Herodias (mbd)
Herodias, he-ro'-d`i-as (Gk.)--feminine of Herod.

Granddaughter of Herod the Great, and sister of Herod Agrippa I (Mark 6:17-22).

Meta. The passions of the human soul, the feminine side of sense thought. It resists the accusations of licentiousness made by John, the purifier, and schemes to have him put entirely out of consciousness. The daughter of this one, who dances before the king, is sex sensation. The king is so pleased with her dance that in his ecstasy he is willing to give her anything that she asks, even to the half of his kingdom. At the suggestion of her mother, she requests that the head of John the baptizer and purifier be brought to her on a platter. The king then sees what his giving up to lust ecstasy has done and he feels regret; but his oath, or thought-word, has gone forth and it cannot be broken. The next step is cutting off the head, or rather understanding, and its inanimate skull descends to the sensuous nature and is lost in carnality.

This is a true history of thousands who, immersed in the desires of sense lust, refuse to change their habits when the regenerative process begins. Generation and regeneration are opposites. Those who live under the law of generation give up their kingdom to their progeny, and die. Those who come out of this Egypt conserve their substance, and transmute it through thought to spiritual energy, which is the foundation of the new body in Christ. Through this conservation and control of the divine life and substance, they finally attain the kingdom of God, and sit on the right hand of the Father with Christ. This is not to be accomplished by an outside deity, but is a work that goes on in the individual. "To him that overcometh," is the oft repeated promise of the Holy One in Revelation. Strength and power and purity come to the soul through mastery of its passions and appetites, and in no other way.

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