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Metaphysical meaning of Agrippa (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Agrippa (mbd)
Agrippa, a-gr`ip'-på (Gk.)--one who causes pain at birth; perhaps wild-horse tamer.

Son of the Herod of Acts 12:1-23 and king over several united tetrarchies (Acts 25:13--26:32).

Meta. As Festus, in Acts 26: 19-32, represents the transient joys of the external life, his brother-in-law, Agrippa, shows the close association that this sort of pleasure has with pain. So long as we are enjoying ourselves in the sense life, our ears are usually dull to Truth: Festus was not moved by Paul's eloquent appeal. But pain brings us very close to an acceptance of the higher way: Agrippa was almost persuaded to believe. Most of those who are now studying Truth became interested because of an urgent need for physical healing, for release from inharmony.

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