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Metaphysical meaning of heaven and earth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of heaven and earth (mbd)
heaven and earth.

Meta. Two states of mind, the ideal and its manifestation. According to Revelation 21:1 we are to have new ideals with manifestations in the earth to correspond.

God idealized two universal planes of consciousness, the heaven and the earth, or more properly, "the heavens and the earth." One is the realm of pure ideals; the other, of thought forms. God does not create the visible universe directly, as a man makes cement pavement, but He creates the ideas, which are used by His intelligent "image" and "likeness" to make the universe. Thus God's creations are always spiritual. Man's creations are both material and spiritual, according to his understanding.

It is important to know that heaven and earth, or spiritual and seemingly material planes, are states of mind primarily, and that we, as a race, are in the midst of their expression. The creative process has been going on for ├Žons, and a great mass of thought force and mind force has been evolved. Man's body is the earthly side of an inner heaven, or mental realm. The I has fluctuated for ages between these two planes of consciousness. An incarnation in the body is followed by a vacation in the soul, and these two are gradually getting closer and closer together. When they are united the "new man" "in Christ Jesus" will step forth, and the weary round of incarnation and reincarnation will cease.

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