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Metaphysical meaning of Hatipha (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hatipha (mbd)
Hatipha, hat'-l-pha (Heb.)--taken; caught; seized; robbed; captivated; spoiled; injured.

He was of the Nethinim. His descendants were among those who returned from the Babylonian captivity (Ezra 2:54).

Meta. An idea of service, apart from the realization of sonship with God. Many truly consecrated people are robbed of the very substance of their lives, of their vitality, and come under subjection (are made captive) to weakness, illness, and even death, because in their spiritual zeal and service to God and man they fail to recognize God as their inherent, ever present, never failing fullness of life, energy, wholeness, strength, substance, power, and wisdom to keep them always in glad, joyous health. They do not know their inheritance here and now as sons of God, but they serve in the old error thought of inherent weakness and lack as being their portion in this world, with heaven and good to be gained only after they die. Not knowing God as omnipresent, they do not reap His good.

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