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Metaphysical meaning of Hanun (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hanun (mbd)
Hanun, ha'-nun (Heb.)--favored; gracious, merciful; compassionate.

a Son of Nahash and king of Ammon. He returned evil for good to David, then hired the Syrians to help him fight against Israel, but both the Ammonites and the Syrians were defeated and put to rout (II Sam. 10:1-4). b An Israelite who helped to repair the valley gate in the rebuilding of Jerusalem's wall (Neh. 3:13). c The sixth son of Zalaph, and who helped in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem (Neh. 3:30).

Meta. The grace, mercy, and power of God, divine love, put to constructive use by man in the transforming of his thoughts and the rebuilding of his whole being, including his body, for eternal life.

Hanun, king of Ammon, shows how, in his ignorant, sinful, sensual state, man imposes on divine love and the saving power of God--or at least seeks to do so. He goes on in his old selfishness and error, and like a spoiled child expects to be saved fully and to gain eternal life by mercy alone, because of his belief that Jesus in an outer way atoned for his sins. He expects to be saved without any real, inner overcoming or change on his own part.

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