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Metaphysical meaning of Syrians (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Syrians (mbd)
Syrians, syr'-i-ans (fr. Gk.)--Aram├Žans, i. e., those speaking the Aramaic tongue.

Natives of Syria, or Aram (II Sam. 8:6).

Meta. Thoughts of the intellect that resist or war against spiritual consciousness, or Israel. It is best not to engage in open warfare with resisting thoughts. As a rule it is better to apply the law of nonresistance and by spiritual discernment to avoid open conflict (II Kings 6:8-23).

The warring of the Syrians (intellectual thoughts) against Israel signifies the tendency of the intellect that has not been spiritually quickened to kill out spiritual truths that are developing at the heart center in body consciousness.

The meaning of Elisha's taking the Syrians into Samaria is: Samaria symbolizes the intellectual realm, which has its foundation in Truth. It is not wholly reliable but when used as an instrument of Spirit is an aid in casting out alien thoughts and conditions. The intellect receives words of Truth and establishes them in consciousness by affirmation.

The Syrians (intellectual activities) are not to be destroyed; they are to be redeemed, but they must first be denied any power or authority in themselves (blinded). Then Elisha commanded that great provision be made for the Syrian hosts, "that they may eat and drink, and go to their master" (be absolved in the mind that had given them birth).

This transformation is the result of a making of, and acting on, I AM affirmations of divine love, wisdom, substance, life, power. Each demonstration of this kind results in increased consciousness of spiritual power and freedom in mind and in body.

When we have cleansed ourselves of false thoughts we affirm that the true spiritual understanding is restored (this opens the eyes of the Syrians in Samaria). Samaritans were an offshoot of the Israelites that had mixed with the Syrians and other pagan races. They represent an intellectual realm in us that has its foundation in Truth.

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