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Metaphysical meaning of Hanani (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hanani (mbd)
Hanani, ha-na'-nl (Heb.)--gracious; merciful; compassionate.

a A son of Heman (I Chron. 25:4). b A seer who rebuked King Asa of Judah because he relied on the king of Syria instead of Jehovah (II Chron. 16:7). c A priest who had taken a foreign wife (Ezra 10:20). d A brother to Nehemiah (Neh. 7:2). e A priest who helped at the dedication of Jerusalem's wall after it was rebuilt (Neh. 12:3).

Meta. The grace, or expressed power, of Divine Mind in man.

The outer thoughts crystallize about a center of which environment is the standard, while the inner thoughts see beyond into the realm of causes. Hanani signifies this inner soul consciousness, which perceives, and reports to Nehemiah, the outer, that all is not as it should be at the deeper spiritual center, Jerusalem (see Neh. 1:2, 3).

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