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Metaphysical meaning of Wise-men (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Wise-men (mbd)
Wise-men, from the east (Matt. 2:1).

Meta. The stored-up resources of the soul, which rise to the surface when its depths are stirred by a great spiritual revelation. They are the inner realms of consciousness that, like books of life, have kept the records of past lives and held them in reserve for the great day when the soul would receive the supreme ego, Jesus. These "Wise-men" represent the wisdom that is carried within the soul from previous incarnations. The east represents the within, man's inner consciousness.

They bring gifts to the Christ Child, the inner resources of Spirit, which are open to the Christ mind. Gold represents the riches of Spirit; frankincense, the beauty of Spirit; myrrh, the eternity of Spirit.

The star that the "Wise-men" saw in the east represents intuition; the "Wise-men" were guided by intuition. Stars represent subjective and not fully understood guiding lights.

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