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Metaphysical meaning of Gaius (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Gaius (mbd)
Gaius, ga'-ius (Gk.)--of the earth; earthy man; exulting; rejoicing; gladness; Lord.

Several Christian men by this name are mentioned in the New Testament. They all seem to have been friends of Paul's and workers with him. One was from Derbe (Acts 20:4); another one was of Corinth (I Cor. 1:14); another was of Macedonia (Acts 19:29). John's third Epistle was written to a Christian named Gaius, also.

Meta. The acceptance by the body consciousness (of the earth, earthy man) of the truth pertaining to the divine law, or Lord. This acceptance of Truth by the seemingly earthy phase of man's being works with Paul (the activity of the word of Truth) in bringing about the redemption of the body; great gladness and rejoicing are thus realized by the individual.

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