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Metaphysical meaning of Galal (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Galal (mbd)
Galal, ga'-lal (Heb.)--rolling weighty; massive; great; the force of momentum; a log; trunk; stone; prominent; an idol.

Three Israelitish men by this name are mentioned (I Chron. 9:15, 16; Neh. 11:17). They were all Levites who served in the Temple.

Meta. The great spiritual action (rhythmic, lolling) that takes place in consciousness while love thoughts (Levites are establishing harmony, peace, and true worship of God. This work of love in man's being is very important (weight, great, prominent, and increases as it proceeds (the force of momentum; the idea here is something that accumulates in size or power as it rolls along).

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