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Metaphysical meaning of Gaddiel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Gaddiel (mbd)
Gaddiel, gad'-di-el (Heb.)--God is my fortune; fortune of God; assembly of God; troop of God; organized of God.

One of the twelve spies, a son of Sodi, of the tribe of Zebulun (Num. 13:10).

Meta. An understanding that all supply and all good, all orderly arrangement and demonstration of Truth in and for the individual, come from God. This understanding, or thought, belongs to the Zebulun, or order, consciousness. While it perceives the desirability of the Promised Land (of the attainment of perfection and immortality for the whole man), it is not yet spiritual enough in its nature, not active enough in consciousness, not sure enough of God's presence and power, to join fearlessly in attempting to reach the goal. Therefore it discourages the individual from trying to possess the land.

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