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Metaphysical meaning of Sodi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sodi (mbd)
Sodi, so'-dl (Heb.)--circular divan; circle; common consultation; familiar converse; intimacy; secrecy; deliberation, confidants; familiar friends; confidant of Jehovah; intimacy of Jehovah; Jah deliberates.

Father of Gaddiel, the man chosen from the tribe of Zebulun to help spy out the land of Canaan preparatory to the Israelites' going over and possessing it (Num. 13:10).

Meta. An influential thought belonging to the order faculty in man (a man of the Israelitish tribe of Zebulun) that is in close fellowship with the spiritual I AM of the consciousness (intimacy of Jehovah, familiar friends), that is open to divine inspiration (confidant of Jehovah, common consultation, secrecy) and is guided in its activities by I AM (Jah deliberates).

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