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Metaphysical meaning of Gaddi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Gaddi (mbd)
Gaddi, gad'-dl (Heb.)--fortunate; of the fortunate; belonging to fortune, i.e., worshiper of Jupiter; of the organization; of the troop; my troop.

Son of Susi (Num. 13:11). He was of the tribe of Manasseh, and was one of the twelve men whom Moses sent to spy out the land of Canaan.

Meta. The power (Susi, meaning horseman, and symbolizing power) of understanding (Manasseh) in individual consciousness, which enables one to perceive the fertility and productiveness of the Promised Land (the great possibilities of spiritual attainment that lie in man). At the Gaddi stage of its unfoldment, however, this understanding is still more intellectual in its nature than it is spiritual; it leads one to magnify the seeming errors that one has to overcome (the enemies in the land) in order to redeem his whole being. Thus it tends to discourage one from making the attempt.

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