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Metaphysical meaning of Gadi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Gadi (mbd)
Gadi, ga'-dl (Heb.)--fortunate; my fortune; of Gad, i.e., Jupiter; of the troop; organizer; assembler; a kid, so called from its cropping the herbage.

Father of Menahem, who was an evil king over Israel. Menahem had killed Shallum, the former king, and taken the throne (II Kings 15:14).

Meta. A ruling thought in man that is of an organizing, assembling, drawing-together character; appropriation. Since this thought is directed by carnal, material ideas, and by belief in luck or chance, instead of a true love for and faith in the law of Spirit, it brings forth error instead of good. (See MENAHEM.)

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