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Metaphysical meaning of Ephod (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ephod (mbd)
Ephod, e'-phod, eph'-od (Heb.)--gird; clothe as a priest; to cover; overlay with gold as an idol; oracular.

a Father of Hanniel, a prince of Manasseh (Num. 34:23). b A short cloak without sleeves that was worn by the Israelitish priests (Exod. 28:6-12); in the front, over the breast, was hung the breastplate on which were engraved the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. The Urim and Thummim were established in this breastplate; by them the high priest could obtain direct from God the answer to any difficult case that came up for his consideration. (See URIM and THUMMIM.) c Ephods made of linen were worn by others besides the high priest (I Sam. 2:18, II Sam. 6:14). In b and c the pronunciation in eph'-od.

Meta. (a) Ephod as the name of a man pertains to an image; the idea here is that of divine authority and power like that of the Creator or Source. God made man in His own image, or likeness, and gave him dominion. Ephod was the father of a prince of Manasseh and Manasseh was a tribe of Israel.

(b and c) Divine understanding, authority, and power (oracular pertains to an understanding, or wisdom, that is beyond that of sense man.) We must clothe ourselves with light (spiritual understanding) as with a garment (see Psalms 104:2). True understanding increases the expression of one's Christ power and authority.

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