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Metaphysical meaning of Epaphroditus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Epaphroditus (mbd)
Epaphroditus, e-paph-ro-dl'-tus (Gk.)--lovely; charming; fascinating; filled with love.

A fellow worker of Paul's in the ministry. He was a messenger sent to Paul with gifts from the Philippian church, and was sent by Paul with an encouraging message to the Philippians (Phil. 2:25; 4:18). Some authorities think that he was the same man as Epaphras and that Paul sent the Epistle to the Philippians and the Epistle to the Colossians by this man at the same time.

Meta. A message of love and peace that is sent by the word of Truth (Paul) to the enlightened thoughts of the states of mind that Philippi and Colossæ signify in individual consciousness. (See PHILIPPI and COLOSSÆ.)

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