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Metaphysical meaning of Epaphras (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Epaphras (mbd)
Epaphras, ep'-a-phras (Gk.)--lovely; covered with foam, i.e., impassioned.

A faithful minister of Christ to the Colossian church, and later a prisoner with Paul at Rome (Col. 1:7; Philem. 23).

Meta. The loving message of the Christ (lovely) and its action in the Colossæ and Rome states of mind.

God is love and His expressions toward man are purely peaceful and good. When these ideas are sown into the belief in punishment and retribution (Colossæ) and into heady states of mind (Rome) they cause a stirring up in consciousness greatly like the action of soda in sour milk or yeast in bread (covered with foam). As love goes on in its activity, it sweetens the whole consciousness and raises the individual to a higher level.

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