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Metaphysical meaning of Eliab (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Eliab (mbd)
Eliab, e-ll'-ab (Heb.)--God is Father; strength of the Father.

a Son of Helon of the tribe of Zebulun. He was one of the men who helped Moses and Aaron to number Israel (Num. 1:9). b The father of Dathan and Abiram of the tribe of Reuben (Num. 16:1). c An elder brother of David's (I Sam. 16:6). d There were others by this name, also (I Chron. 6:27; 12:9; 15:20).

Meta. That in our religious and spiritual nature which takes cognizance of the Author of being (God is Father) as the source of strength (strength of the Father).

We are apt to think of outer manifestation rather than of inner spiritual capacities. Samuel thought that Eliab, the first son of Jesse and elder brother of David, would surely be the chosen of Jehovah because of his beautiful countenance and his great stature and kingly bearing, but the Lord told Samuel not to judge by appearances.

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