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Metaphysical meaning of Helon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Helon (mbd)
Helon, he'-lon (Heb.)--strong; firm; stable; perseverance.

His son Eliab, of the tribe of Zebulun, was chosen to stand with Moses and Aaron in the numbering of the men of the children of Israel (Num. 1: 9).

Meta. Strength of character, courage, and perseverance established in the consciousness through order. (Zebulun represents the faculty of order. Of the disciples of Jesus Christ, James the son of Alphæus stands for order. Order, we are told, is heaven's first law. There can be no peace, harmony, or right relation of ideas without order. When “all things" are thought and done "decently and in order" in the individual, when divine order is established in him, his strength and courage are greatly increased.)

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