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Metaphysical meaning of Eleazar (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Eleazar (mbd)
Eleazar, e-le-a'-z r (Heb.)--God has surrounded; God succors; God is helper; whom God has helped; help of God.

a Son of Aaron. He succeeded his father as high priest of Israel (Ex. 6:23; 20:25, 28). b There are several other Israelitish men by this name (I Sam. 7:1; II Sam. 23:9; I Chron. 23:21; Ezra 8:33; Neh. 12:42; Matt. 1:15).

Meta. Spiritual strength through the individual's recognition of God as his supporting, sustaining power (God is helper). This becomes the presiding, directive faculty of a new state of consciousness. (See AARON.)

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