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Metaphysical meaning of El-Elohe-Israel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of El-Elohe-Israel (mbd)
El-Elohe-Israel, el-e-lo-he-ls'-ra-el (Heb.)--unto the God of Israel; Elohe (Elohim) God of Israel; mighty God of Israel; strength of the God of Israel; Elohim He of Israel.

The name of an altar that Jacob built on the ground that he bought from the children of Hamor the father of Shechem (Gen. 33:20).

Meta. The children of Hamor pertain to the earthly, carnal consciousness in man. The altar symbolizes the giving up of the "mind of the flesh" in individual consciousness to the spiritual, that the spiritual may prevail throughout and God alone may be recognized. Thus Israel (the true, spiritual thoughts, beliefs, and faculties) may indeed become a prince, prevailing and ruling with God, having power with both God and man; that is, having power for good in every phase of the consciousness, from the very highest to the seemingly most material plane.

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