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Metaphysical meaning of Diotrephes (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Diotrephes (mbd)
Diotrephes, dl-ot'-re-phes (Gk.)--fostered by Zeus; nourished by Jupiter; trained by Zeus.

A professed Christian; he is mentioned as one who loved prominence, and for this reason would receive neither John nor his letter into the church wherein he (Diotrephes) ministered (III John).

Meta. Personal exaltation active in consciousness; the desire of the personal to rule and to have first place. Jesus had to meet and overcome this in His temptation in the wilderness. After Jesus had realized His power through His divine sonship, the Devil (personality) showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and told Him that all authority over them and all the glory of them would be His if He would worship, or give first place in His life to, the Devil, personality. Every overcomer has to meet this same thing and gain the victory over it. When a person lets himself be carried away with the desire for outer place and power, this is Diotrephes active in him.

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