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Metaphysical meaning of covenant (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of covenant (mbd)

Meta. A covenant is an agreement. The covenant of the Bible represents the principles or rules by which men are able to gain their true spiritual heritage and possess the riches of the kingdom of God.
Man must be true to the Spirit within him. If a man follows false gods, that is, material things, he will find these to be powerless to satisfy him, and he will fail to enter into the spiritual state that God has promised him. A man must be true to his I AM nature if he would reap the benefits of the I AM consciousness.
God has promised all His children perfect health, prosperity, peace, light, and happiness, but it is necessary for us to abide by the spiritual law if we would gain the blessings of Spirit. We must keep faith in God and seek Him diligently. Then His good will be ours. We must not follow after lesser goods or gods. We must keep faith in our own spirituality if we hope to use our spiritual powers and handle spiritual substance.

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