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Metaphysical meaning of Calcol (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Calcol (mbd)
Calcol, eal'-col (Heb.)--supporter; sustainer; sustenance; nourishment; nutriment; nourishing.

a A man whom Solomon excelled in wisdom (I Kings 4:31). b A son of Zerah, a Judahite (I Chron. 2:6). This latter is probably the same man as the former, since the same brothers are named in both of the texts where he is mentioned.

Meta. A line of reasoning that sustains, supports, and adheres to intellectual understanding (supporter, sustainer). here is a certain spiritual illumination and inspiration in this reasoning quality; it is food (nourishment, nutriment) for man during a phase of his unfoldment toward conscious spiritual inspiration and realization, for it is of high origin (Calcol and his brothers were looked upon as very wise and great men in their time), but it does not possess the fullness of the Christ wisdom. The Christ wisdom, which Solomon represents here, surpasses by far any and all other wisdom.

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