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Metaphysical meaning of Caleb-ephrathah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Caleb-ephrathah (mbd)
Caleb-ephrathah, ca'-leb-eph'-ra-thah (Heb.) .

The place where Hezron died, according to the reading of the text (I Chron. 2:24), but the interpretation is thought to be wrong. Fallows says concerning this text: "The reading of Jerome's Hebrew Bible, 'Caleb came in unto Ephrath,' is probably the true one, as no such place is elsewhere heard of. Ephrath, or Ephrathah, was a second wife, married after Hezron's death."

Meta. Ephrathah means fruitfulness, fertility, abundance. The union of Caleb with Ephrathah therefore bespeaks faith's fruition--the abundance of spiritual riches that man realizes in his soul through an active faith in God--the omnipotent, ever present good.

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