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Metaphysical meaning of Cabul (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Cabul (mbd)
Cabul, ca'-bul (Heb.)--something exhaled, as nothing; vain; sterile; worthless; dry and sandy; dissatisfying; displeasing .

a A town that was allotted to Asher (Josh. 19:27). b The name that Hiram, king of Tyre, gave to the twenty cities in the land of Galilee that Solomon gave to him in return for the cedar and fir trees and the gold that Hiram furnished Solomon for building his house and the Temple. Hiram was not pleased with these cities, and he called them the land of Cabul (I Kings 9:11-13).

Meta. Denial--a letting-go phase of mind (something exhaled, as nothing). The Solomon or spiritual mind of peace and wisdom understands that in all true building up of the organism into eternal life and abidingness there must be a balance between the negative and the positive; there must be the release of that which has served its purpose, as well as a laying hold and a building in of life and substance. But to the Hiram-king-of-Tyre understanding the letting-go attitude of thought seems worthless, vain, even destructive, and is very dissatisfying and displeasing. The possessor of such an understanding sees no need of denials, but would hold only and always to the affirmative.

Hiram was a builder; he was not of the Israelites (the religious and spiritual thoughts in man), but he represents a constructive power in the reasoning faculty of the individual--a constructive power that is firmly established in substance and in a fineness of understanding. This power lends itself and the thoughts that belong to it to the building of Truth into the consciousness and the body.

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