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Metaphysical meaning of Cabbon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Cabbon (mbd)
Cabbon, cab'-bon (Heb.)--encircled; bound about; a circle; a globe; a village; a hamlet; hilly; honored.

A town in the lowlands of Judah (Josh. 5:40)

Meta. An aggregation of thoughts of life in the subconsciousness that i9 of a spiritual nature or tendency, or that is bound about (encircled) by a higher, truer understanding of life than the purely sense comprehension; thus it is reclaimed from carnal expression (a circle, a globe, a village, a hamlet, hilly, honored). A circle is that which has neither beginning nor ending, and refers to the spiritual, to oneness or unity. Cities of Judah, in their highest sense, represent spiritual centers of life in consciousness. The "lowland" of Judah suggests the subconscious realm.

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