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Metaphysical meaning of Bochim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Bochim (mbd)
Bochim, bo'-ch;m (Heb.)--weepers; weepings; place of weeping.

The place where "the angel of Jehovah" told the Israelites that, because they had not hearkened to the voice of God but had made covenants with the inhabitants of Canaan--which thing God had forbidden them to do, God would not drive out their enemies before them, but would let these enemies become as thorns in their sides to trouble them. Then all the people wept, "and they called the name of that place Bochim," that is, weepers (Judg. 2:5 with marginal note) .

Meta. A deep feeling and expression of sorrow on man's part for his failure to live up to the perfect law of God, but more especially because of his inharmonious reaping. This expression of sorrow does not include the thorough, positive turning away from error to Truth that would keep one from reaping the inharmonious results of having given way in measure to error thoughts, the enemies of the inner kingdom.

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