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Metaphysical meaning of Beth-haram (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beth-haram (mbd)
Beth-haram (A. V., Beth-aram), bethha'-ram (Heb.)--house or place of the height; house of elevation; place of elation (of mind, i. e., pride); mountain house.

A town given to Gad by Moses (Josh. 13:27). It was east of the Jordan, and is thought to be the same place as the Beth-haran of Numbers 32:36. It was situated "in the valley," and had belonged to Sihon, king of the Amorites, but was rebuilt by Gad after having been taken and destroyed by the children of Israel.

Meta. A lifting up, in consciousness, of the life idea. This process of upliftment is inferred in the definition, house of the height, house of elevation, mountain house. The Amorites have their seat of action in the generative functions and so refer to the life idea brought down to the sense plane. When purified and elevated to its rightful activity in man, his life force, or creative energy and ability, becomes a source of strength, illumination, and power to him.

Beth-haram also suggests a lifting up of the thoughts in pride (place of elation). Man must be watchful that he does not allow pride, because of his seeming achievements in overcoming, to find place in his consciousness.

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