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Metaphysical meaning of Beth-haccherem (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beth-haccherem (mbd)
Beth-haccherem (A. V., Beth-haccerem), beth-hac'- che-rem (Heb.)--house of the vineyard; house of the generous nature.

A city or beacon station on a height between Jerusalem and Tekoa (Neh. 3:14). "Raise up a signal on Beth-haccherem; for evil looketh from the north, and a great destruction" (Jer. 6:1); this instruction was given to the Benjamites who were to flee for safety.

Meta. An exalted consciousness of life and Truth. From this "high place" in man, error tendencies and their outcome are recognized. If they have gone so far that a general harvest of error reaping is unavoidable, the true thoughts and faculties (represented in this instance by Benjamin) are warned to flee; that is, to retire to some other part of the organism, or consciousness, possibly to some place deep within the subconsciousness, that they may not be destroyed by the error that is being directed against them from the north--the outer, intellectual man.

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