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Metaphysical meaning of Sihon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sihon (mbd)
Sihon, si-hon (Heb.)--wiping out; uprooting; eradicating; exterminating; sweeping away, i. e., as a warrior sweeping all before him; great; extreme boldness.

A king of the Amorites who refused to let the Israelites pass through the borders of his country. He went out to fight against Israel, but was smitten by the Israelites and his land was taken from him (Num. 21:21-35).

Meta. The strong, seemingly unconquerable desire of the animal nature of man for sex sensation; also the almost ferocious determination with which he carries this desire into activity when the "mind of the flesh" rules in him, and its destructive tendencies (great, extreme boldness, sweeping away, i. e., a warrior sweeping all before him, wiping out, uprooting, exterminating). This sense desire that Sihon signifies is the central ruling thought of the Amorite state of consciousness while man is under the dominion of the carnal mind. (See AMORITES; also HESHBON, the city of Sihon.)

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