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Metaphysical meaning of Berodach-baladan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Berodach-baladan (mbd)
Berodach-baladan, be-ro'-dach-bal'-adan (Heb.)--Merodach his lord; Mars has power; Merodach has given a son.

A son of Baladan, and king of Babylon (II Kings 20:12). He is called Merodach-baladan in Isaiah 39:1. This king was a Chaldean by race. He sent messengers to King Hezekiah of Judah with a present and letters, because of Hezekiah's sickness and recovery. Hezekiah foolishly showed these messengers all his treasures, and later the Babylonians took them, and took the .Jewish people captive to Babylon.

Meta. Merodach, or Berodach, meaning war, death, slaughter, was an idol of the Babylonians that was dedicated to the planet Mars; Mars was the Babylonian god of blood and slaughter, to whom they offered human sacrifices, and whom they worshiped as a star of evil omen. Baladan means having power. Berodach-baladan signifies the attributing of power to evil, the belief that war, strife, sin, and death are necessary and are inevitable. (See MERODACH-BALADAN.)

The Chaldeans represent psychic thoughts; they are not spiritual, but shine by borrowed light, or understanding. It is not wise to give the truths of Spirit and their substance and power over to the building up of the psychic realm of one's consciousness (represented in Hezekiah's showing the messengers of this king all his treasures and the treasures of the house of the Lord).

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