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Metaphysical meaning of Merodach (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Merodach (mbd)
Merodach, me-ro'-dach (Heb.)--Mars, i. e., god of blood and slaughter; war; death; slaughter; murder; bitter contrition; sacrifice.

Mars, under the name of Merodach, was worshiped by the ancient Babylonians and Semites. Human sacrifices were offered to this god, hence Mars became the god of war, or of blood and slaughter. Merodach was also used as a title, or surname, of some of the kings of Babylon (Jer. 50:2).

Meta. The belief that war, fighting, evil, and death are necessary in man's existence, and are inevitable. To the extent that an individual believes any apparent evil or inharmony to be necessary or inevitable, and fears it, to that extent he worships the thought for which Merodach stands; he worships the Babylonian god Merodach and not the true God, in whom is good only. To the extent that one believes in evil of any kind, and magnifies it in one's consciousness by thinking about it, to that extent one remains in confusion (Babylon). (See BERODACH--BALADAN.)

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